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Aquarium & Terrarium Safe

SCS1200 Construction sealant is a proven, high-strength, acetoxy-cure silicone used for glazing applications. Permanently flexible with excellent adhesion, it is able to form a strong, waterproof seal that can withstand harsh weather for decades.  SCS1200 Construction sealant is 100% silicone with exceptional strength and a fast cure time. This can secure glass to frame without a primer, forming a seal that will not crack, shrink or separate. SCS1200 Construction sealant securely bonds without a primer to most nonporous construction materials. It can be used with many substrates and finishes, including glass, glass coatings, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, ceramic frits, fluoropolymer and powder coated paints, conversion coatings, and anodized aluminum.


  • 100% silicone
  • One-part, acetoxy cure sealant
  • Exceptional strength
  • Fast cure rate
  • Primerless adhesion