For Small Birds 

What makes an ideal perch for your pet bird? A proper perch should have varying diameters running along the length from base to the tip. Birds need different diameters to exercise their muscles to their feet! The InSight Sand Perch also has a rough texture. A sand coating has been shown to be an excellent surface to provide natural & regular wear to birds nails. 


  1. Remove the perch and unscrew the nut
  2. Choose a place for the perch. Make sure that the area directly below the perch is free of food and water containers or other perches so that these will not get contaminated by droppings. The perch can be attached parallel or perpendicular to any toy, waterer or feeder. Place the base of the perch against the wire of the cage so that the threaded rod goes completely through the space between the wires. Apply the nut and tighten securely.