Dandelion, Marigold & Rose 

Komodo's specially selected mix of dandelion leaf, marigold flowers and Rose Petals has been developed to help in supporting the all-around health of your bearded dragon!  

Why Dandelion, Marigold & Rose?

Dandelion: Helps to reduce the quantity of fluids in animals as well as lowering blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. Rich in magnesium, dandelion is also helpful in treating urine infections and aids the functioning of the liver.
Marigold: Has anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties and is commonly used for strengthening the immune system. 
Dried Rose Pedals: Provides a wealth of mineral elements and add a colorful and fragrant addition to the bearded dragons diet. 

70% Dandelion, 25% Marigold, 5% Rose.