Living World Green - Ultra Comfort Soft Bedding - Pisces Pet Emporium

Give Your pet the Sleep of their Life!


Designed for all small animals including hamsters, gerbils and mice! This Eco-friendly and biodegradable bedding is made of fresh Nordic Aspen, ideal for animals with sensitive skin. Unlike other bedding, Ultra Comfort features no sharp corners, making it softer and dust-free.

Made from the highest quality, fresh Nordic Aspen and produced using 100% renewable energy, Ultra Comfort Premium Bedding is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Chemical and additive-free and containing no by-products from the lumber or paper industries, it is made from FSC® certified wood and, unlike ordinary wood shavings, its smooth edges and no sharp corners make it softer and virtually dust-free, ideal for delicate respiratory systems. With its high absorbency and ammonia-binding capacity, Living World Green Ultra Comfort Premium Bedding provides exceptional odor-controland will help keep your small pet dry and make cleanup easy.