The Lucky Dog Orthopedic Dog Bed is the number 1 dog bed that provides ultimate comfort for your pet or dog. Never let your dog lay down on a hard ground any longer!

Provided with this product is the following:

  • Durable Orthepedic Pet Pillow - Unmatched comfort for your dog or pet
  • Machine Washable Cover - Ideal for keeping your pet pillow smelling nice and staying clean
  • Anti-Skid Bottom - The pet crate bed will not slide around unnecessarily

Perfect for old pets! - The pillow provides the perfect spot for your dog or pet to lay on, whether it is a new pup or a senior dog.

Provide a soft comfy sleeping spot with the Lucky Dog orthopedic pillow dog bed. Designed for pets who love to snuggle up or stretch out, this stylish supportive resting spot can make naptime even better. The foam center can help relieve pressure on joints and provide extra support for your dog's body. As a result, this dog bed may quickly become your pet's favorite retreat. This pillow is a great option for dogs that need plenty of space to stretch out. This deluxe orthopedic foam dog bed features an orthopedic foam core that provides needed support for senior dogs, dogs with joint pain or just those needing extra support. It makes a great addition to a crate or kennel. If you have sufficient cargo space, you may even consider bringing this memory foam dog bed with you when you travel with your dog. The bed can add extra comfort during car rides and give your pet a reassuring sense of home even while on the road. The Lucky Dog dog bed comes with a removable, machine-washable cover for your convenience. If the dog bed picks up one too many dog hairs or gets stained, just unzip the cover and add it to your next washing machine cycle. The cover will come out fresh and clean, ready to give your pet a wonderful and refreshing rest experience. Pamper your pet with this plush, easy-to-clean dog bed.