Peter's Tank Buster - Pisces Pet Emporium

Breaks Down Ammonia & Nitrites 

Live nitrifiers for super fast new aquarium break-ins and emergency ammonia & nitrite spikes. 

Before adding nitrifiers: 
Dechlorinate new water with PETER'S STEP 1. For new systems, add fish 12-24 hours prior to adding nitrifiers for ammonia production. Turn off UV sterilizers, ozone generators,  and protein skimmers to allow nitrifiers to colonate filter. Sow down filter flow rate to allow nitrifiers to attach to filter media. Adequate aeration must be present. Cycle all the systems within optimal temperature range (77°- 86°). After cycling cold water tanks can be safely lowered over several days. If system cannot be cycled in this range, dose double amount as indicated. Keep system pH between 7.8 to 8.5 optimum. Nitrifiers will consume biocarbonates thus pH can drop during nitrification. 

Dosing Instructions 

For aquarium start-ups and emergency ammonia spikes. Add 30ml (6 caps) per 10 gallons (38L) initially. Then add 10ml (2 caps) per 10 gallons until ammonia and nitrites read 0.