Pond Pro Step 3: Algae & Sludge Reducer - Pisces Pet Emporium

Eliminates Odor 

Algae & Sludge Reducer is a specialized blend of bacterial cultures for a healthy aquatic environment without the use of chemicals. Impossible to overdose! Non-toxic to fish, humans or animals. Shake before use.


Dose early evenings

Initial dose: Add 4oz (4 scoops) per 265 U.S. gallons (1000L)

Weekly maintenance: 1-2 oz per 265 U.S. gallons (1000L)

Critically polluted ponds: Dose 5 times recommended initial dose, then follow normal dosages. 

Use all season!

  •  Cleans sidewalls & bottom of pond
  • Digests organic waste & fecal matter
  • Reduces algae by competing for its food source
  • COnsumes phosphates
  • Keeps water crystal clear!