Gut loading your reptile, amphibian or arachnid is a very important and often overlooked step in caring for your pet. Gut loading is the process by which an animal's prey is raised and fed nutritious foods with the intention of passing those nutrients tot he animal for which the pray is intended. 

Insect Gutload Formula 

Repashy Superload is a proven powder formula to increase the nutritional value of your feeer insects. 

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein min. 18%, crude fat min. 5%,  crude fibre max. 12%, moisture max. 8%, ash max. 30%, calcium min. 9%.


Offer to insects in a shallow dish 24-72 hours prior to being used as feeding items. As a powder: add to feeding vessel and make sure to also provide a source of hydration. As a gel: Bring water to a boil on a stove, microwave or kettle. Pour boiling water into a bowl and immediately stir in powder (1 part powder to 2-3 parts water). Let cool or immediately pour into mold. Gel will set at room temperature. 













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