Wildlife Sciences Mealworm Food - Pisces Pet Emporium

Wild Bird Food

Wildlife Sciences enters the Mealworm category with the addition of an attractive 7 oz. stand-up, re-sealable pouch. Mealworms are a growing category within the wild bird and backyard poultry categories. They are effective for attracting wild birds and used as a foraging treat for backyard poultry. Mealworms can be fed in open trays for wild birds. Wildlife Sciences offers an attractive heavy duty metal ring with a glass jar. The built in hanger allows consumers to collect multiple feeders and hook them together to create a nice looking display. 

  • 7 oz. Stand Up, Resealable Pouch
  • Attract Insect Eating Birds
  • Great Source of Protein
  • High-Energy Snack
  • Also Excellent Food For Reptiles & Poultry