‘Tis the season for giving and who better to give to than your pet? Though the simple pleasures in life usually keep our pets entertained, rest assured they will still appreciate a gift you give them this holiday season! Pisces Pet Emporium have all your pets covered from reptiles to cats to fish to small animals to dogs, to birds! No one is getting left behind this holiday season while shopping here at Pisces!


For your dogs, we have a wide variety of options but the Tall Tails All Season Blanket should be at the top of your dogs wish list! This water-resistant blanket is perfect for outdoor adventures in any season! This blanket is ready to take on all weather conditions with its durability and is big enough to keep you and your furry companion warm and cozy!


You cannot forget about your fish! They enjoy gifts too! Add some fun mystery to your fish’s tank with the Underwater Treasures Shipwreck Schooner! This ornament will surely add more adventure to your fish’s day!



You already know that your cat is going to be expecting a gift or two on Christmas morning, so we highly recommend the Catit Senses 2.0 Catnip Spray! This will surely increase your cat’s energy levels and make sure they are playing during the holidays! Another fun option is the Catit Play Treat Puzzle!



And what do you get for your bird? Do not you worry we have just the gift idea for you! The Super Bird Fold-Away Shower Perch provides a safe and sturdy platform for your bird to enjoy! It uses upgraded cups and has a non-slip surface that provides safe footing. Now your bird can be a part of the family and watch everyone else open their presents too!



Have your bunnies, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, or any of your small animals enjoy the holiday season and your company more by getting them the Oxbow Enriched Life Play Yard Floor Cover! Made with 100% pet-safe materials it allows your pets to have fun while being safe!




Really treat your reptiles with the convenience of the Exoterra Thermostat & Hygrostat! This day/night timer gives you all the control you need. It helps you prevent overheating and undercooling as well!


We hope this gift guide will help make your holiday shopping easier this year!