You have decided to adopt a new cat or dog into your home. When browsing for your new pet. people are easily hypnotized by the cuteness of a small puppy or kitten. However, there is a deep well of benefits to adopting a senior pet instead! November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month and we hope, with your help, to improve the adoption rate for older pets by spreading awareness about how great senior pets can be.

No Surprises Here!

Senior pets are generally considered to be 7+ years of age. When you visit your senior pet for the first time, what you see is what you get. At this age, the pets' personalities and manners have already been developed. it is easier to get a sense of whether this pet is right for your home and lifestyle. Everything including the pets' size, health, energy have already been established. 

Great For The Family 

Puppies and kittens are usually not the best choice in adoption when young children are present in the home. Kittens, for example, have a seemingly endless pool of energy but have not developed control over their claws yet. This increases the chance of accidents and injury to children, and the kitten as they are also more sensitive. Senior cats and dogs are usually more relaxed and composed compared to their adolescent counterpart. 

Active Lifestyle 

If you are a busy individual who is always on the go go go, a senior pet is probably the best choice for you. A senior pet will require less supervision than a juvenile, which needs close to 24 hour supervision. Many new pet owners underestimate the commitment it takes to properly train a new puppy, or even a cat for the matter. Of course, senior pets still love to play and spend time with their owners, they simply don't require as much of your time and energy. 

Giving A Fresh Start

The most important (and for myself most rewarding) part of adopting a senior pet is giving that animal a second chance. Stories will dictate that these adopted senior pets are genuinely more grateful for their new home. So, you can sleep easy at night knowing you saved the life of a loving, furry friend down on their luck.


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