The Betta Fish, a household pet that has grown to become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. Whether you or perhaps a friend or family had a Betta, showcasing their stunning vibrant colors for all to admire, we have all likely seen a Betta at one time or another. A big reason for this may be due to the convenience and ease of caring for a Betta. But is that really true? Unfortunately, Betta’s are under cared for and that is due to the stigma that they can survive in nearly any environment. Today we are going to debunk this myth and help educate you on how to properly care for your Betta Fish.


Let’s begin with what the best tank size is for your Betta. We recommend AT LEAST a three-gallon tank, but we would suggest using a five-gallon tank. A fishbowl is definitely not enough room for your Betta. Having a larger tank not only allows your Betta fish to display normal behavior and activity but larger tanks also buildup less toxins. Betta’s love to roam and adventure around their tank. Having a fishbowl is already too small but as soon as you add decorations for your fish to enjoy, they almost have no room at all. Even with a large tank it is very important to not have too many decorations so your fish can have as much room as possible.


You may be wondering if you need to equip your tank with further necessary items. The answer is YES. You need a filter, we recommend the Aquatop Internal Sponge Filter for up to 10 gallons. A filter’s purpose is to clean up debris, toxins of ammonia, and nitrates. This of course makes it much easier for your Betta to breathe.


Another important item that you will need is a heater for your tank. Betta’s prefer warmer weather, so we recommend the Aqueon Mini Heater 10 Watt. This heater is designed to provide warmth to tropical fish such as the Betta. This heater is also perfect for tanks between three and five gallons in size!


Do I need to change the tanks water with a filter in it? Absolutely! Even though your tank has a filter it is very important to change 20% of your tanks water each week. You should never change all your Betta’s water at once because it makes it much more difficult for them to acclimatize to the change in temperature, so a gradual change is sufficed. If you do not have a filter in your tank, you should change up to 50% of your Betta’s water each week.


What do these vibrant beauties eat? Well, a Betta’s diet is unique as they require large amounts of protein. We highly recommend Peter’s Betta Pellets as they are formulated for the specific diet requirements of Betta fish. Two to three pellets in the morning and two to three pellets again at night should be sufficient. You do not want to over feed your Betta however as it can lead to concerning health problems.

Betta’s are more than just a pretty face. These colorful creatures are actually quite intelligent! They can recognize their owner based off of voice vibrations of the water, so talk to your fish! They also showcase plenty of athleticism when they swim through hoops and other fun features in their home. If you are considering getting a Betta fish, consider the amount of care needed. They are fun companions to have so we at Pisces strongly recommend Betta fish as a pet!