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Looking for a new animal to liven up your home during the day? Ferrets are a very high energy, adorable house pet. The ferret is a domesticated mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel. Ferrets have a long, slender and short body, typically being about 20-24 inches long and between 2-4 pounds. They have become a favorite household pet over the last couple decades due to their lively and enthusiastic behavior.


Ferrets are very social small animals, that do the best in small groups. They sleep for anywhere between 14-18 hours per day asleep and are most active during dusk and dawn. For the time they are awake, they are exerting all their energy! Ferrets love to play and should have lots of toys, and time out of their cage in an enclosed pen to jump and roll around as they please. It is recommended that ferrets are purchased in groups of 2 or more. Ferrets are not ideal for children under 12, they nip and bite as a natural form of play and can spook the child. On the other end, ferrets are rather fragile and improper handling and can cause serious complications.


Ferrets should be kept in a strong wire cage with soft flooring, so it is easier on their paws. A multi-level cage at least 14" x 24" is ideal. Pisces recommends: Ferret Nation Habitat Modular with Double Unit Cage. The cage should be equipped with sleeping blankets, hammocks, toys and a litter box.

Recommended Supplies 

  • Large multi-level cage
  • Ceramic food dish
  • Marshall ferret food
  • Water bottle
  • Blankets
  • Litter box & litter
  • Nail clippers & styptic powder
  • Ear cleaner & shampoo (Pisces recommends: Living World ferret shampoo) 
  • Lots of Toys!



Ferrets are carnivores, and as such they require meat in their diet. Ferrets and their Pisces suggests feeding a dry food made specifically for ferrets. Try to avoid fish based food product, ferrets do not eat fish in the wild. Pisces recommends: Marshal Ferret Food. Of course, they should have access to fresh water at all times, preferably in a bottle. The ferrets will probably play in a water dish and taint their water. Do not give them any sort of milk or dairy based products, they will cause your ferret diarrhea.


Ferrets will require regular visits to your neighborhood veterinarian for vaccinations to stay healthy. A happy, healthy ferret will live anywhere from 6-13 years. All ferrets purchased from Pisces are already spayed/neutered and de-scented. If your ferret is not spayed , you MUST get your ferret spayed before she goes into heat (~6 months old), otherwise she will stay in heat until she is bred. Ferrets are also prone to catch human cold and flu viruses. Keep your ferret cage away from windows or drafty areas. Ferrets are extremely susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, avoid temperatures over 27oC.

When Properly taken care of, ferrets can be a perfect pet for the family. They are intelligent small animals full of energy, personality and enthusiasm!

Ferrets and all product listen can be found at Pisces Pet Emporium! For our most up-to-date selection on product and livestock, please call us, send 

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