All the hype, pressure and suffocation surrounded by Valentines day can be a little over-bearing to say the least. In a hurricane of valentines cards, chocolate, commercials, don't forget about the ones that love you the most, your pets! Now, OBVIOUSLY you shouldn't go out and buy your dog a big heart shaped box of chocolates. However there are plenty of ways you can squeeze some time in today to spoil the ones who love you unconditionally!

Get Them a Treat!

Just because your little friends cant eat chocolates or candies doesn't mean they should get a Valentines Day treat! Pisces has a variety of pink themed dog treats available at checkout for your perfect pooch. If your feeling extra adventurous, you could even bake them their own treats, full of goodies they love. If you have a kitty cat companion, you can treat your cat to some premium cat nip / honeysuckle or creamy treat (Pisces recommends: Inaba Churu Tuna Creamy Puree)! Heck, you could even get your snake a nice fat, juicy frozen rat or rabbit! 

Spend Time Together

A wise man once said "the best gift you can give someone is your time", so spend some time together! I cant think of too many dogs that wouldn't just love a trip to the dog park or a nice walk down the neighborhood. Surprise your pup with some new outerwear! (Pisces recommends: RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho). Think of what your dogs favorite activity is, maybe its just taking a nice stroll in the car. My cat has an arsenal of interactive toys, but i know she would rather with me and our bird wand any day of the week! Even parrots and parakeets have a favorite toy or game to play with their companion, so there is really no excuse!  

A Night on the Town

In a growing progressive world, there are more and more establishments that will include your dog. My personal favorite establishment int he Calgary area is the Cold Garden Beverage Company, a fun brewery where you can bring your kids and the dogs and have a fun time (assuming your dog is social trained will with other dogs in a potentially crowded are). Bring your dog in to Color Me Mine and have your dog create its own personal work of art! Check your local listing to find any puppy cafes or dog friendly restaurants for a truly special and unique treat your dog will not forget. 

Pick Out a New Toy 

In a few ways, you can treat a dog like a small child. Taking them to the toy store to pick out a new toy on special occasions is one of them. One of my favorite things about working at a pet store is watching the dogs stroll up and down the toy aisles with their owners, in search for the perfect toy. It is a fun bonding activity for both you and your pup, and here at Pisces we have more dog toys that you can shake a stick at! Pisces recommends: Hush Plush Flamingo Chew Toy.


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