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Did you know that June is national Adopt-a-Cat month? Aside from hot summer days, the June forecast also calls for kittens, and lots of them! Now is the time of year when the unspayed female cats are likely to be carrying a litter of kittens. During this time, thousands of newborn kittens join the cats at the shelters and adoption centers. If you have been pondering about bringing a feline friend into your life, now is the time for action! 

Adopting at Pisces Pet Emporium

Pisces Pet Emporium is a remote rescue cat adoption site for the Animal Rescue Foundation. Here, you can follow a simple step-by-step by which you may adopt your own rescue cat or kitten. ARF’s commitment to quality, long-term housing for their rescued animals paired with Pisces vast selection of products and knowledgeable staff makes Pisces an ideal one-stop-location for anyone interested in bringing home a new feline friend. This is great for anyone interested in adopting a new cat as they are able to meet the cats in person and discuss any questions you may have! From start to finish, if everything check out nicely, an average cat adoption is full completed within only 48 hours! Click Here to watch a short instructional on the steps necessary to take home your own rescue cat or kitten from Pisces!

Why Adopt in June?

Cat adoption in June is especially important due to the phenomenon dubbed "kitten season". This occurs due to sexually matured female cats (known as "queens") are seasonally polyestrous. This means that the queen will only be in heat during a particular time of year. In this case, that time if year is dominantly spring time. The gestation period of a cat is on average between 64 - 67 days. This is accountable for the large kitten births during the month of June! Adopt-a-Cat month was formulated to help shelters and adoption centers with the inevitable boom of stray & rescue kittens in June.

Cat Compatibility 

Unfortunately, your favorite cat available might now be the cat best suited for you. Just like you and me, all cats have different personalities which must be taken into consideration when adopting. For example, an older cat with history of anxiety may not be taken to a home with other cats or dogs, or  a young cat that plays rough may not be suitable for a house with young children. All cats at Pisces are given a personality evaluation from ARF to determine the best home environment for that cat. If your home environment matches, then you may be considered!

ARF Medical Policies

Often, potential adopters are curious as to what medical care has been done for the cat before adoption. These include:

  • At least one physical examination by a veterinarian at a partnered clinic.
  • Spayed or neutered.
  • Tattooed or micro-chipped.
  •  Up to date on FVRCP vaccination and dewormings for the date that they go home.
  • Any necessary diagnostics, treatments, medications, or surgeries as recommended by a veterinarian 
  • Medical records and full disclosure is made available to adopters. 
  • Dental work is done at the discretion of ARF and veterinary recommendation. 
  • Blood work, urinalysis', radiographs, ultrasounds, and fecal analysis' are only done when recommended by a veterinarian as a diagnostic tool.   

Not Just Kittens! 

Event though summer is overflowing with kittens, there are still adult cats that are in desperate need of a home. If is a frequent misconception to associate shelter cats with bad behavior. In reality, common reasons for surrendering a cat include: a new baby, moving, finances or allergies. It is easily to impulsively claim to want a kitten over a cat, because of their cuteness and high energy, however much more should be considered before you decide if a kitten or cat is right for you. Just like us, kittens are not born well-mannered and must be trained and taught how to behave in an appropriate manner. Ask yourself if you have the time and patience to take on this task! Adult cats will still bond as much as a kitten, and are more tolerant and passive than kittens.

If you are interested in taking home your own cat or kitten from Pisces, Click Here or visit the cats in-store to see our current roster of ARF cats. 

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