Hey, it's getting hot outside! It is now officially summer and we could not be happier! After a long, LONG winter, we can finally take our pups for jogs, Frisbee and beach fun. During a long summer day, the heat can take its toll on us and our four legged friends. It is critical to keep your dog companion cool during the hot sunny days ahead, and we can show you how!

Hydration is Key

Always make sure your dog has access to clean, crisp drinking water. Dogs lose lots of water weight from panting in the hot sun. Just like you and me, a dogs body is around 80% water and must be re-hydrated. On average, your dog should be drinking about 30 milliliters (1 oz) of water for every pound of body weight daily. During days of high temperatures or exercise, your dog will likely need more water to compensate for that lost. Providing water in the confines of your home should be no issue, but be prepared to pack water for your dog when you are on the go! Fill a water bottle on walks & jogs for an easy burst of hydration for your dog & yourself. Day at the beach? Pack some bottled water and a travel dish so your pup can hydrate when needed! Pisces recommends: Beco Travel Bowl.

Never Leave Your Dog in the Vehicle!

Under no circumstances should you leave you dog in the vehicle! It may not seem hot at the time, even if you are only running in for short period of time. The temperature inside the closed vehicle can skyrocket very quickly. In just 10 minutes, an ambient temperature of 28C can climb by 10 degrees, and even more if left longer. During hot summer days, plan your day around places you are welcome to take your dog inside. If you cannot, leave him at home! 

Keep Your Home Cool

Turn "chilling at home" into a literal phrase, keep it cool! This may be easier said then done, depending on your living space. If you reside in an apartment or condo, you will likely not have access to a cool basement, or an AC. During hot days, open all the windows and get some floor fans on high power! A self-cooling pad is an excellent way to provide relief from the heat using no resources. Pisces Recommends: Cool Pet Pad Revolutionary Self-Cooling Cushion. In a pinch, a soaked towel draped over your pups back should get the trick done!

Know The Signs 

In the midst of all the summer fun, remember to keep one eye on your dog for clear signs of overheating. By recognizing these signs, you can prevent heatstroke before it happens. These signs include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Increased body temperature
  • Excessive drooling 
  • Small amount/no urine 
  • Irregular & rapid heart beats
  • Muscle tremors 
  • Wobbly or uncoordinated movement (dizzy)
  • Black stool
  • In extreme cases: seizures, vomiting, cardiopulmonary arrest & sudden kidney failure

Hot Feet 

Remember that time you stepped on the sandy beach and fried your feet, not expecting the ground to be so hot? The same thing can and does happen to your dogs! Before heading out for your daily walk, check the pavement first with your bare hand. If it burns your hand, it will burn your pups paws! Find a nice walk through a grassy field or a shaded walkway to avoid injury. It is recommended that you pick up your dog an appropriate sized pair of all weather booties. The booty will prevent burning on the bottom of the paw, as well as protect from cuts and scrapes. Pisces recommends: Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Boot.