So you are looking into bringing a kitten into your home. Kittens are small, adorable bundles of love and energy that bring fun and affection wherever they go! Even if you are new to pet ownership, kittens are very easy to care for following a few easy steps! 

Consider Adopting a Kitten 

There is never a shortage of kittens needing a new loving home. Adopting a kitten from an animal shelter or rescue is a great way for you to save some money, and a life. Pisces Pet Emporium acts as a remote adoption center for Animal Wildlife Foundation rescue cats, and always has kittens looking for new homes. 

Basic Preparation 

Once you have found the kitten of your dreams, whether it be from a breeder or a rescue adoption, it's time to prepare! The first item on your list should be a nice litter-box, Pisces Recommends: Cateco Odorless Litter Box. Make sure to also grab yourself a carrier, water & food dish, bed, collar & tags, some interactive toys and a good, high nutrient kitten formula food (Pisces recommends: NOW Grain-Free Kitten Recipe). Put away any cleaners or harmful chemicals in a spot that your kitten will not be able to reach, and pick up anything it could swallow. Kittens are very curious little critters and will not hesitate to ingest unfamiliar items. Keep an eye out for harmful plants and human food as well.

Keep Your Kitten Hydrated 

Always have fresh water available to your kitten. While your kitten is young, it is wise to provide more than one water dish. Spread several water dishes around the house, so your kitten can quench its thirst whenever the urge strikes. Kittens play and exert tons of energy and will need to re-hydrate often. If it seems liek your kitten is not drinking, some cats prefer moving water and may want a fountain (Pisces recommends: PetSafe Original Pet Fountain). 


Playing and human interaction will teach your kitten the skills it needs to be a good pet. It is not uncommon for your kitten to want to use its teeth or claws during playtime, don't use your hands! It is important that your kitten understands the difference between your hands and play toys, or someone could get accidentally injured. 

Spay or Neuter

Unfortunately, there are not enough homes to go around for all the cats out there. By spaying or neutering your pet, you’ll help control the pet homelessness crisis, which results in thousands of cats being euthanized every year. Additionally, there are plenty of health benefits to having spayed or neutered cat:

  • A spayed cat will not go into heat
  • Neutering prevents testicular cancer
  • Your neutered male maybe be better behaved
  • Spaying helps prevent urine infections and breast tumors

If you choose to adopt a rescue cat, this service will likely already be performed.

 My House, My Rules!

Your kittens new world is your house, and kitty needs to learn the rules! Giving your cat alternative outlets for impulsive or bad  behavior is a good way to stop them. If your kitten is clawing at the couch, provide him with a scratch post! Avoid physically or verbally punishing your cat, as it is generally ineffective and will create a more stressful environment. Instead, try "remote correction". This technique connects an unexpected texture, smell, taste or sound with certain bad behavior to deter your cat from doing those actions. For example, placing cotton balls soaked with eucalyptus oil on surfaces you do not want your cat on or shaking a can of marbles when you see him doing something naughty!