The thought of losing your pet is a chilling for all pet owners. Luckily, we live in an age where technology has made it easier to locate our missing four-legged friends. The most effective way of retrieving a lost or stolen cat or dog is through micro-chipping. Unfortunately, ID tags are not theft proof, collars can fall off, and pets can still get really, REALLY lost. 

What is a Microchip? 

a microchip is a tiny itty-bitty computer chip, no bigger than a rice grain, implanted in your pet. The microchips are scanned using a handheld reader, displaying all of the  owners name, contact information and registration number. The microchip can be scanned by shelters and veterinarians, most of which have these scanners on-site. 

What Are The Benefits of Micro-Chipping? 

Microchipping has a profound affect on reuniting pets with their pet-parents. The 2009 study by Linda Lord, DVM, PhD from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine has reported that lost cats are 20X more likely to be returned with a microchip, and dogs are 2.5X likely to be returned! Other benefits of micro-chipping include:

  • A microchip is definitive proof of ownership in cases of stolen pets.
  • Collars and tags are often not updated, and can break/wear off over time.
  • Greatly increases overall chance that your lost companion will be returned to you. 
  • Microchips are safe, and last a lifetime. 

How Do You Get Micro-Chipped?

Mostly any veterinarian clinic will be able to microchip your pet. Chipping can cost anywhere from approximately $50 - $200 at a vet clinic, depending on their own pricing and if medical examination is necessary. Call your local veterinarian clinic and inquire about micro-chipping.

Do Microchips Require Surgery? 

No, micro-chipping does not require any surgery or incision. They are implanted under your pet skin be using a needle and syringe, like a vaccination. Micro-chipping is a quick process and does not require the use of anesthetics. 

What Else Can I Do?

Responsible pet ownership is the best way to keep your pet from being lost or stolen. This is especially true for cat owners who let their cats outside unsupervised. Besides that outdoor cats are against city bylaw, it is very dangerous for your cats as they can get easily lost, taken in by another home, or killed by predators/vehicles. A great product you can buy for your pet is a GPS tracker that attaches to your dogs collar, Pisces recommends PuppyTracker GPS Pet Tracker. These small GPS's are traceable with an app and will send alerts when your pet goes beyond a set perimeter! If your letting your cat out, be sure to use a harness (Pisces recommends Rogz Cat Harness & Canine Friendly Dog Harness) to stop the chance of escape, and never leave unsupervised.