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Bringing your birds outside is a fun and exiting way to introduce your bird to new sights, sounds & smells. Naturally, parrots love an outdoor setting and enjoy their time spent in the open. The natural light can help ward off depression and help keep them entertained! There are some safety steps & tips to understand before bringing your pet birds into the outdoor world! 

Get Familiar With Outside 

When at home with your pet, open the curtains so your bird can see outside. Most parrots immediately become fixated with the sights and movement of the world outdoors. They will be captivated and stare for hours out the window, analyzing and person or animal to stroll by. 

Bringing the Cage Outside 

Having an outdoor bird cage ready is a fun and simple way to introduce your bird to the outside world. Only take your bird outside during daytime hours, avoid dusk and dawn when pests and mosquitoes are lurking. The outdoor temperature should be no less than 20C (68F) If the bird cage is in direct sunlight your parrot can easily overheat, keep the cage in a shaded area. Provide lots of fresh water! Your feathered friend can easily get dehydrated when spending time outdoors. A nice shower with a spray bottle will be most enjoyable. There is a good chance your bird will become very active and full of energy when brought outside, make sue there is an adequate number of play toys in your bird cage!

Once Step Further  

If you are looking for a more personal outdoor experience with your pet, you may be looking at training with a flight suit! Having your parrot comfortable with a flight harness on requires training and patience. By following these simple steps, you will soon have a companion you can bring into the outside world right by your side! 

Buy a HarnessPurchase an appropriate sized flight suit for your bird. Pisces recommends: Reusable FlightSuit & Lanyard Harness

Practice Makes Perfect: Practice wearing the harness indoors. If the first time your bird starts to get scared and panics, remove the flight suit and try again later. Once your bird is comfortable wearing the harness, you are ready to take your first step outside!

First Steps: Once your bird is wearing the harness and leash properly and comfortably, attach the other end of the leash to your person or wrap around your hand and hold tightly with a firm grip. Put your parrot on your finger, or shoulder and walk outside. 

Short & Sweet: Start off by going for short trips outdoors, 5-10 minutes at a time. 

Gradual Steps: Gradually venture further from the house for extended periods of time. By now your bird should be eager to put on the flight suit and venture outdoors!

At this time you and your new outdoor companion will be exploring the world together! Always make sure your parrots wings are clipped before taking them outside, even inside a cage or with a harness.

Pisces Pet Emporium will perform this service free of charge! Simply come in or call 403-274-3314 and book an appointment! 

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