ARF and Pisces

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) is a foundation dedicated to the compassionate and ethical treatment of animals and has rescued over 2100 cats and 4,500 dogs to date. These animals are found on First Nations reserves and throughout rural Alberta and have often endured many hardships throughout their lives. Once an animal is rescued by ARF they are provided with the necessary medical care and attention that they need. From this point, ARF ensures that all of their animals are spayed or neutered and given at least their first set of shots. Once healthy, the rescued dogs and cats are placed in the care of foster homes until they are adopted out to loving families. ARF maintains a strict set of adoption criteria to ensure that these rescued animals are adopted into long term homes, rather than one requiring inevitable relocation. ARF’s belief is “We’ve rescued them once – we don’t want to have to rescue them again.”

The only reason that ARF exists and has continued to find loving homes for needing pets is the tremendous support in the forms of public donations and volunteers. Luckily, the recent partnership between ARF and Pisces Pet Emporium is mutually beneficial. Pisces will now act as a foster home and intermediary between ARF and potential new cat owners. Anyone that’s interested is invited to come meet some of the cats we will have and ask any questions they may have about cat ownership. Pisces can conduct the initial screening interview and will be in contact with ARF, making the entire process very convenient. ARF does have an ‘overnight policy’ meaning that anyone interested in adopting a cat must take at least one night to think the decision over, this prevents any impulsive decisions that could affect the cat’s long-term well-being. Another bonus of this whole process is the relatively low adoption costs requested by ARF. 

ARF’s commitment to quality, long-term housing for their rescued animals paired with Pisces vast selection of products and knowledgeable staff makes Pisces an ideal one-stop-location for anyone interested in bringing home a new feline friend. This is great for anyone interested in adopting a new cat as they are able to meet the cats in person and discuss any questions they may have. Pisces also acts as a messenger ensuring that ARF gets all the information they need. The added benefit is that Pisces many staff members can assist you with anything you may need to get your house organized for a new friend. This new partnership means that Pisces and ARF can work together to make sure these loveable felines find great homes and long term happiness. For more information check out and and of course, don’t forget to come visit us and our new furry friends!

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