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Peter's Marine Pro Reef-Fx

Aqua Pro Sizes

Peter's Marine Reef-Fx is a blend of billions of powerful probiotic bacteria that multiply rapidly to protect your fish, corals and clams from disease and parasites!

Specific probiotics were chosen for Reef-Fx that will attack and out-compete disease causing pathogens, thus keeping your aquarium safe for aquatic life.

Reef-Fx's probiotics will simplify nutrients for easier assimilation for corals and clams thus stimulating growth.

  • Probiotic booster for all Marine Reef Aquariums
  • Stimulates the growth of Corals and Clams
  • Prevents diseases & Boosts immunity, protecting your Aquarium from common diseases
  • All Natural
  • Chemical Free

This product is recommended for use in conjunction with Peter's Marine Pro Steps 1, 2 & 3.

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