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Prevue Hendryx Mouse Hut


Perfect for hiding, playing, sleeping AND nibbling! This unvarnished hut has two convenient crawl holes and one large corner opening, maximizing space-saving in your enclosure. Hides provide a perfect place for small pets to rest and de-stress comfortably. Wooden design is 100% chewable, promoting good dental health and boredom busting.

  • Unvarnished for animal wellbeing
  • Multiple entrances
  • Bottomless for easy cleaning

Mouse Hut: 5 ¼” Long, 3 7/8” Wide and 3” High.
Hamster Hut: 6 ¼” Long, 5 1/8” Wide and 4 ½” High.
Guinea Pig Hut: 10” Long, 8 3/8” Wide and 7” High.

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