Increases Water Circulation & Oxygen Levels 

  • Extremely energy efficient and quiet.
  •  Simple to use and easy to maintain.
  • Two outlets allow air to be diverted into two areas of the pond with a single aerator.
  • Comes complete with winter-resistant air line, pre-installed check valves and weighted aeration discs.

Step by Step Installation 

Step One: Carefully unpack air pump and accessories from box.

Step Two: Select a location for your air pump where it will be protected from the elements. Provided tubing has a check valve on one end. Connect the ends with the check valve to the air pump, and connect the opposite ends of the tubing to each of the aeration discs. 

Step Three: Lay out the tubing along the pond's edge and cut to appropriate length.

Step Four: Place the aeration discs in the pond and, if necessary to prevent discs from floating, secure with stones & gravel. Plug in the air pump and check with each disk for proper air flow!