Laguna Floating Feeding Station - Pisces Pet Emporium

The Floating Feeding Station helps prevent over feeding and wasted food! By bringing the fish over to one area for feeding, you can easily view and inspect your koi eating habits and health. The 9 3/4" ring keeps food from floating away and polluting the pond. The ring can easily be anchored to the side or bottom of the pond to keep in a stationary position. 

Feeding Tips 

  • Measure pond temperature with a thermometer during the spring and fall seasons to ensure that the correct food and feeding frequencies are being allowed.
  • At water temperatures of 50 F or above, feed fish up to four times daily, but only as much as they can consume in two minutes.
  • When water temperatures drop below 45 F, pond fish require no food.
  • When going on vacation, pre-measure daily feedings for the person who will be feeding in your absence. This will help prevent over or under feeding.
  • Provide 2 types of food formulations. 
  • When feeding, make sure not to get any moisture into the food container and always properly seal the lid. Do no leave container in the sun. Keep stored indoors in a dry, cool area. 
  • If fish do not eat and the water temperature is optimal, make sure to test for ammonia and nitrite.