ESV Kalkwasser Powder (Calcium Hydroxide) - Pisces Pet Emporium

For Dosing Marine Aquariums 

Calcium Hydroxide is a proven standard for maintaining calcium concentration and alkalinity in closed marine aquaria. The calcium provided is directly used by calcifying organisms, and the hydroxide ions provided readily convert dissolved CO2 into bicarbonate and carbonate ions, which are also directly used by calcifying organisms. 


Mix 2 teaspoons of Kalkwasser powder with 1 gallon of freshwater. Allow sufficient settling time for solution to clear. Pour or siphon off clear solution and slowly DRIP into aquarium water. We strongly recommend using a properly calibrated pH meter (Hanna Alkalinity Checker) to avoid excessive high aquarium pH levels. Close container tightly after use., as calcium hydroxide will slowly react with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, forming insoluble calcium carbonate. 

Click Here for video on using Kalkwasser Powder.