Marine Pro Aquarium Start Up Kit - Pisces Pet Emporium

Start Off Right! 

It is so important to have your new marine tank running smoothly right from the start! The Marine Pro starting kit has everything you need to ensure a happy and healthy ecosystem for your new salt water aquarium! This start up kit includes:

Step 1 Tap Water Conditioner: For salt water, removes harmful chlorine & chloramine from water, as well as neutralizes heavy metals. Reduces stress & protects fish with Aloe Vera.
Step 2 Aquarium Set Up & Maintenance: For salt water, maintains a healthy aquatic environment & reduces fish loss. Will help rapidly mature new aquariums and allow for immediate introduction of fish. 
Tank Buster: For salt & fresh water, treats emergency ammonia and nitrite spikes.
Reef FX: A probiotic booster for marine reef aquariums, reef-fx is an all-natural disease preventative, immune booster, and growth stimulant for corals and clams.