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.Catit Go Natural Litter

catit go natural lavender pea husk litter

This week's staff pick comes from Mel. Mel has been a part of the Pisces family for roughly 5 years. You can usually find her helping people with their furry and feathered friends, or being an absolute powerhouse putting away dog food and cat litter.

Mel chose Catit Go Natural cat litter - the lavender scented pea husk variety specifically. She chose this litter for her staff pick as it is what she currently uses at home. Mel likes it due to the fact its very low dust compared to others she has used, it also tracks a lot less than common clay based litters as well is easier to scoop.

Catit Go Natural litter comes in 2 available varieties, pea husk clumping litter (scented and unscented) and their wood clumping litter. The wood clumping litter is made from recycled wood, and unlike most wood based litters they have chosen to go with granules instead of pellets for better absorption and odour control. The pea husk version of the litter is made from recycled/ waste product pea husks, and they have chosen to utilize the granule technology for it as well. Both litters tout being low tracking and 99% dust free, so far the results have positively spoke for themselves for both staff and guests who use the litter. All these features sound great right? From low dust to low tracking, on top of being sustainably made, it is also 100% biodegradable and compostable, which makes this an awesome option for those of you who are trying to be more environmentally conscious. 

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