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.Fluval FX6

This weeks staff pick comes from Josh. Josh has been a part of the Pisces family for 1 year working in the fish and reptile department. Josh has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rainbowfish and planted tanks, and as you may have seen on our YouTube, he is quickly delving into the saltwater side of the hobby taking over the maintenance of Wayne's tanks.

Josh chose the FX6 as its the very filter he runs on his 75 gallon aquarium. While that may seem like overkill for his tank, it offers the perfect balance of flow for his fish and plants and helps keep detritus from settling heavily into the substrate. He has had the filter running for years and attributes the bulk of his success with the filter and the life span to a very regular regime of thoroughly cleaning the impeller and its housing. Josh recommends the FX6 for 40 gallons and up if you want an filter that will offer a very long and effective lifespan.

The FX6 is a true powerhouse of a canister filter, offering flow of 925 gallons per hour; on top of that they are also much more energy efficient than previous generations. The filter's smart pump technology allows onboard monitoring and optimization of the pump, self purging of air, and an easy water change function. Not only does the filter come with mechanical, chemical and biological media to get you started, but it offers 1.5 gallons of space for media leaving you plenty of room for customization. The FX6 offers so many more features both advertised and learned, and its useable with fresh and saltwater tanks. 

If you are thinking of upgrading your filter in the future, definitely consider the FX6. While it is pricey upfront the options, features, and availability of parts (if ever needed) make it fairly hassle free and give you peace of mind that it will continue running for years if properly maintained.    

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