Pisces Pro Tank Buster - Pisces Pet Emporium

Live Nitrifiers!

Contains nitrosomonas & nitrobacters.
Created for super fast new aquarium break ins and to treat emergency ammonia & nitrite spikes. Safe to use after medicating, when adding new fish and for general & weekly maintenance. Cycle all systems with optical temperature rangs (77-86 F). After cycling, cold water tanks can be safely lowered over several days. If system cannot be cycled in this range, dose double amount as indicated.

For Emergency Ammonia & Nitrite Spikes 

If system has high biological oxygen demand (dirty tank & filter), Step 3 must be used prior to or in conjunction with nitrifiers to break down and consume waste to lower biological oxygen demand. Add 10ml per US gallon when introducing new fish to your aquarium to help combat the inevitable ammonia spike from the nitrogen cycle. When setting up a new aquarium turn off any UV sterilizers, ozone generators, and protien skimmers for 7 days after dosage to allow nitrifiers to colonate filter.