In the wild, birds use the dense tree canopies or jungle undergrowth to nest and hide. Your pet bird also needs an enclosed space in which to hide or just get away. These cozy, warm retreats offer shelter, security, and protection from the elements. Soft bed bunkers are an economical way to give your bird the shelter he needs.

Cozy Bird Hut 

Bird Snuggle Hut is a cozy tent-like shelter with sturdy sides and bottom which offers your bird a protected place to feel warm, safe and secure. Plastic insert in bottom and sides help maintain shape. Fabric is machine washable. Sewn in hooks allow for easy insertion into cage.


  • Easy to use: Thread loop pairs through the Quick Links, and hang in cage!
  • Birds will instinctively seek out the shelter. 
  • Hand wash only with mild soap. Air dry thoroughly.
  • Regularly supervise pet interaction with product and inspect hut frequently. 
  • Remove if pet picks at hut. Discard & replace if hut is worn or seems are loose.