Prevue Hendryx Wacky Wood - Pisces Pet Emporium

Ideal for All Birds & Reptiles! 

Made out of lima root, the natural irregular shape of the wood perch provides exercise as birds walk. Birds need obscure shapes of appropriate sized perches to promote foot health. The fun shape and swinging motion of the perch will keep your birds entertained for hours! 


  • 100% natural lima tree wood from the Equatorial Jungle
  • 100% safe, non toxic hard wood
  • Provides varies foot positioning for bird's comfort as in the jungle
  • Easy to grip

Proper Perch Placement

Perches should be placed in front of food and water dishes so the bird can reach the dishes easily. To avoid droppings contaminating the food or water, do not place perches directly above the dishes.

  • Always place a perch so that the bird's tail will not touch the side of the cage when perched on it.
  • Place perches at various levels within the cage.
  • Avoid using too many perches, which could prevent the bird from flying. A bigger cage might be the better choice, not fewer perches.
  • Parrots feel insecure when they are at or below eye level. So, for fearful parrots, try to position their cage so that their perch is about six inches above your eye level. The bars of the cage give fearful parrots a sense of security.
  • For aggressive birds, experiment with perches about four inches below your eye level.

Remember to scrub your perches regularly!