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Richard's Pick - Fluval Plant Spectrum LED

This weeks staff pick comes from Richard, he's a monster fish enthusiast, specifically with Asian Arowana's, and he is big on planted aquariums as well, taking care of many planted displays in store as well as being one of the main people to maintain our aquatic plant tanks.
 Richard chose the Fluval Plant spectrum LED as his staff pick as it's one of his favourite lights as far as price to coverage goes. He absolutely loves the customizability of the colour spectrum available to dial it in to exactly what your tank needs, as well the app makes it super easy and straight forward. Yes the app, this light is bluetooth controlled, coming with a built in 24 hr. programmable timer again app controlled. If you run a biotope they also come with options for "pre-set habitats" allowing for super quick and easy setup tailored to your fish and plants. It's an amazing light for an established tank that needs a boost or for a tank just getting started. It supports low-medium care plants the best but Richard has had personal success with the light and high care requiring plants! The one downside to this light is if you lack a mobile device to connect to it it only has 3 modes, on/off and blue LED's. 
 If you're looking for a boost for your planted aquarium we highly recommend giving this light a look, especially if you're shopping more premium options such as the Kessil, it could be a great combo option or a suitable standalone for you!