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Greg's Pick - Canidae All Life Stagescanidae gregs pick all life stages

Greg is part of the management team here at Pisces. He is able to retain so much in depth product knowledge throughout the store especially when it comes to dog foods and enrichment items.

Greg picked Canidae for a couple of really great reasons, ranging from the use-ability in a multi-dog household all the way down to their quality control of the product. Canidae is manufactured at their own facility in Texas and is tested every 15 minutes along the line to ensure quality control. They hold a very heavy emphasis on meat content – high calorie density – Feeds average 50lb dog for 83 cents/day, make it an awesome bang for your buck! As well, all formulas contain Health Plus Solutions which are; optimal level of Probiotics, Omega 3’s, and Antioxidants, and they're added AFTER the cooking process meaning they don't become less potent due to the heat.

Now onto the All Life Stages specifically. The all life stages contain a high meat-density, eg, Multi-Protein is 468 calories per cup, which generally costs less than 80 cents/day to feed 50 lb dog. The formula is veterinary formulated for All Life Stages meaning now struggling with switching formulas!  Finally no corn, wheat, or soy fillers they only use healthy grains such as brown rice!

All in all Canidae is an awesome awesome food for those who are looking for a grain inclusive, multi-dog, all life stages food!

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