TOM Aquarium Brine Shrimp Hatch 'n Feeder - Pisces Pet Emporium

Brine Shrimp Corral 

This unit can be used in both marine & freshwater tanks. The eggs start hatching in approximately 18 - 24 hours. Hatched shrimp will swim out of the corral and into the aquarium as they mature! 


  • Keep the water temperature between 77°F - 83°F
  • Connect the airline tubing and air pump
  • Remove the partition in the hatchling chamber
  • Wait a few minutes for salt to dissolve into water
  • Insert the partition into the groves
  • Place brine shrimp eggs into the hatchling chamber
  • hatched shrimp will swim out into the aquarium
  • Total sequence will take approximately 24 - 30 hours 
  • Read the included operation instructions before use