Ferrets are an interesting species that are full of energy and personality. Despite being domesticated for centuries some say, ferrets are not exactly a mainstream pet in todays society. Perhaps it is due to lack of knowledge and exposure to them, unlike more popular pets like cats and dogs. Whatever it may be, this blog will be sure to fill you with fun facts about these awesome little creatures! Who knows, maybe you will come into Pisces Pet Emporium and pick up a new family member after learning about them!


Ferrets go back in history quite a way. The ferret is said to be a descendant of the European Polecat as a result of interbreeding. If you come across either the ferret or polecat in the wild, it will be very tough to distinguish which species it is, as they are essentially doppelgangers. Another close relative of the ferret is the weasel as they belong to the same genus. What we do know about the domestication of ferrets is that they were used for quite a few things such as chasing rabbits and other small rodents out of their burrows so that their owner could hunt their prey easier. Ferrets have been used for pulling wire through tight underground tunnels and such as well! A fun fact is that ferrets and falcons can work together. The ferret chases the prey out of the ground followed by the falcon collecting the prey for their owner. Needless to say, they are actually very intelligent.


An interesting fact about Ferrets, and perhaps this is why they may not be the most popular pet on the market is that they are zoonotic. This simply means that germs and viruses can pass on to humans. This can be as minor as a temporary rash or as serious as covid-19. Yes, ferrets have the potential to spread Covid. There are precautions that you can take to minimize the already low risk by washing your hands with soap after handling or playing with your ferret.


Some fun facts about ferrets are that they will actually dance when they are scared or nervous. This makes them super cute in my opinion. Aside from dancing, they also race. Ferret racing is quite the popular sport in the United Kingdom. Another bit of fun info is that a group of ferrets actually are called a business! So, support our small business and come and look at a business of ferrets!


A few ferret owners say that their pet is a combination of a dog and a cat. So as far as I am concerned that is best of both worlds! Taking the time to properly acquaint yourself with your ferret, giving them the enrichment, they need, and loving them will make them an incredible addition to your household.