It is the Christmas season once again! Everyone's favorite time of year to get comfy in their favorite pajamas and a cup of coco and spend time with those that mean the most. In the spirit of giving, we exchange gifts to one another to show our appreciation for one another, including our loved pets! Luckily, there are lots of ways to include your pet in the family Christmas traditions!

Gift Wrapping

In addition to our regular variety, Pisces carries a variety of holiday themed pet toys during the Christmas season. No reason that your pup cant take part in the Christmas morning fun! We have everything from ginger bread dog treats to mint scented chew toys. Don't be surprised if they have more fun tearing up the wrapping paper than playing with your presents! 

Christmas Pet Activities 

It is not uncommon for local shelters and pet stores to host fun & festive pet-friendly activities during the holiday season. Keep an eye out for fundraiser walks and play rooms. During exam time, some post-secondary institutions host "puppy rooms" during the holidays to help relieve stress! Pisces hosts "Christmas Pet Photos With Santa" weekends, twice a year in late November / early December. Don't miss out next year!

Christmas Lights Walk

Take your pup for a walk through the neighborhood to enjoy the sights of the Christmas lights! Dogs enjoy the visual stimulation of the multi-color lights just like we do. Check the temperature before your walk to make sure that is not to cold your your dog. If your pup is on the smaller end, dress them up with warm winter gear! Always provide proper footwear for your dog in the winter, the ice is cold and they can get cuts and scratches from slippery concrete. Pisces recommends: Muttluks Dog Boots. 

Host A Christmas Party

If your dog/dogs love to meet new people and love attention, then a Christmas party is just about the greatest gift you can give. Invite all your puppy loving friends over for a dinner! You will get a lovely evening with your family and friends, and the dog(s) will be soaking in the attention all night long. That is what we call a win/win!


Pisces Pet Emporium will be closed on Christmas Day (Dec 25th), and open at 8:00AM December 26th for the start of Boxing Week! Happy Holidays everyone! 


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