Pet crabs are relatively easy to keep, and often overlooked by most who is looking for a new addition to their home. A nicely decorated paludarium will bring a burst of life and color into any home. Crabs that thrive in freshwater are low maintenance, lively hobby that anyone can enjoy. Already have an aquarium or paludarium? Crabs make the perfect addition to your tank!


Vampire Crab                                                 

Vampire crabs are a very beautiful crab, with a vivid purple body and flashes of yellow. They are a great crab to have starting out because of their easy care and non-aggressive behavior. A 10+ gallon tank is adequate to hold 5-6 crabs. Sand substrate and mossy areas make excellent substrate for these crabs. Vampire crabs spend about half their time in the water and the other half on dry land, it is important to have a proper water reservoir and adequate land surface. They have a varied diet from vegetables to baby crickets and brine shrimp. Vampire crabs do well with large snails and shrimp. Vampire crabs may be eaten by large fish, and small fish may be hunted by the vampire crabs. 






















































Panther Crab.

Panther crabs are a fully aquatic species of crab native to Indonesia. They can live fully immersed in water always, so they are an excellent addition to any freshwater aquarium! Like the vampire crab, they are a non-aggressive species with relatively small claws. Panther crabs are well known for their lively personality and bright orange and black coloration. These crabs can grow a body size of 3" across carapace, not including the legs. A panther crab on average will have a life span of ~2-3 years in captivity. Make sure to have plant of hiding places on the aquarium floor for these crabs to explore. They are not picky eaters and will feast on all sorts of food including invertebrate pellets and algae wafers. 


Patriot Crab

Patriot crabs are a bright, multi-colored crab native to the coastal areas of West Africa. They are also commonly known as soapdish crabs or rainbow crabs. They need both land wand water, and enough sand and mud to burrow. Pisces recommends: Exo-Terra Riverbed Sand. Adult patriot crabs are very territorial. If kept in a tank not large enough, they will often fight, sometimes to the death. A 20-gallon tank should be large enough for a single crab, 40+ gallon is necessary for 2 or more. Patriot crabs are also quite larger than the other crabs listed above. They will grow anywhere between 6-8 inches across carapace in captivity. They have a hearty appetite and feed on traditional crab foods like vegetables, worms, pellets and even fish.


Red Claw Crab

With a size of no more than around 4 inches, red claw crabs stay smaller than some of the other crab species commonly available. They are sometimes referred to as “mini crab”. They are excellent escape artists, so a properly sealed tank is extremely important! Like most crabs, they require both land and sea. These crabs dehydrate very easily, so easy access to water at all times is mandatory. Red claw crabs are territorial, the less males that share a tank, the better. These guys will spend a healthy portion of there time in hiding, but are very fun to watch when they are out.



 Pisces always has cycling livestock of crabs and other crustaceans! For the most up to date inventory, please call, send a message on Facebook or visit us in-store!