As a reptile owner, either new or old, you have probably wondered if you can let your reptiles live together in the same terrarium. It is a very common and fair question. If there is enough room then what is the issue, right? Well unfortunately it is a little more complicated than that. There are certain types of reptiles that can reside together, and we will dive into how to properly go about this before introducing your two pets together.

The first rule of thumb that is very important is that you should NOT mix two difference species together. A Tarantula and a scorpion for example should not be sharing a terrarium. Aside from the species potentially exhibiting aggression towards the other, it is also important to understand that each species has different temperature and climate needs. A desert species and a rainforest species obviously cannot share the same climate if they shared a living space one would likely parish due to living in the wrong environment.

If you are adamant about having your reptiles share a terrarium, we do suggest that they are the same species. However, being the same species does not always ensure things will run smoothly. Having enough room for your reptiles to be able to bask is crucial. It is also very important to stay on top of feeding and making sure your reptiles are getting enough food. Having a hungry reptile could lead to it eating its roommate which of course would be absolutely terrible.

Do your research or call our reptile experts at Pisces Pet Emporium to see if your species of reptile are compatible. There are circumstances where even the same species sharing a tank is not a good idea. Generally mixing two males together can create an aggressive environment. Mixing a male with a female or two females together is generally totally okay. Again, you should research or talk to reptile experts before acquainting your pets with each other.

Once you get the green light that your reptiles can live together you should first, quarantine your new reptile and observe it for a week to see their behavior, any sickness, etc. You certainly do not want to pass off any preexisting issues from your new pet onto your other reptile. After successfully quarantining you should introduce them in a neutral setting. If you introduce them in your current reptiles’ environment, your pet will likely get defensive of its territory. Let them discover each other in a neutral setting first, then progress to moving them to their shared terrarium.

Ideally you should have each pet in their own terrarium as reptiles are not really social creatures and do enjoy spending time alone and being introverted. However sometimes it is okay to have the same species share living arrangements, we just suggest doing your homework before and even talking to a vet. If you have any questions about your reptile or any pet matter, give us a call or come into Pisces Pet Emporium for a visit, we would love to see you!