People get bored. Polishing off a bag of chips and reminding Netflix that we are in fact, still watching, is something we do when we are bored. Often we are chilling out on the couch with our favorite feline friend, but does your cat ever get bored like we do?

Telltale Signs of Boredom

Yes, your cat can get bored! Depending on your cats behavior, some may get bored very fast and others are excellent at entertaining themselves. If your cat is home all day while you are at work, you might wonder what it gets up to, if anything at all. Luckily, there are some behavioral traits to watch out for that may indicate a lack of stimulation. 

  1. Scratching a cat looking for stimulation will make its own, by scratching. Your new leather couch may be in jeopardy due to boredom. 
  2. Inactivity - Cats love to nap, obviously. However, if it looks like your cat is lacking curiosity, and has a set patch from the food dish to its favorite resting spot, you may have a bored cat.
  3. Over Grooming - repeated licking, biting skin, pulling out fur and other repetitive behavior probably means your cat is looking for some spice in its life.
  4. Starting Fights - If your cat is bored and you have other animals in the house, it may try create some excitement by antagonizing the dog or swatting at the hamster cage. 

Stimulate Feeding Time

Your cat will eat at least once a day, so this is a good way to ensure some mental stimulation. Try creating a hunting game for your cat, by hiding treats and dry kibble around the house. Doing this will force them to get some much needed exercise, and will make them feel less lethargic. Puzzle food dishes are highly recommended. They will help keep your cat mentally stimulated, while simultaneously stopping your cat from eating to fast or over eating. Pisces recommends: Cat-it Senses 2.0 Digger.


Some cats are harder to entertain than others. A squeaky mouse could provide endless entertainment for some, or be very uninteresting to others. Feather toys and wands are great, but can only be used whens someone is home to play with the cat. Interactive toys are important to have in your home during the day when your cat is looking for somewhat to entertain itself. Without entertainment, your cat my find its own by playing with the toilet paper roll, scratching the furniture, or knocking stuff off tables. Motion sensor or automated cat toys or excellent for all day entertainment. Pisces recommends: FroliCat Pounce

Bringing Home New Entertainment 

A possible permanent solution to cat boredom is to bring home another cat! Before deciding to bring home another cat, is it vital that you first assess your cats behavior. Bringing home a new cat to a cat that won't welcome the company will make matters even worse. The older the existing cat is (over 4+ years), the higher chance of behavioral problems occurring. If you decide that this is the best choice for you, it is important to make the introduction gradually. We recommend you read out blog A Paw-sitive Introduction to learn more about the do's and do-not's of introducing a new cat into your home.