Tree frogs are arguably one of the most fascinating species on our planet. They scale the trees and high vegetation of our rainforests, rarely reaching ground level. There beautiful terrariums and easy care has brought them into our homes as one of our favorite arboreal pets. 

Step 1: Choosing a Tank

There are 2 possible choices of terrarium, arboreal and terrestrial. Tree frogs love to climb, and they are very good at it. Naturally, arboreal is the logical choice, because they are taller than they are wide. You can go with a terrestrial tank if you choose to, however make your your tank height is at least 24". a 20-gallon tank can house a pair of adult tree frogs. Your terrarium should have a mesh lid for good ventilation. Make sure your tank lid is tight and bound tot he tank walls, your frogs will climb all the way to the top.

Step 2: Landscaping and Decorating

When you are designing the inside of your terrarium, you want to utilize all 3 dimensions of the tank. lots of plants, branches and vines for your frogs to climb on. Cylindrical pieces of cork bark make excellent climbing decorations and hiding spots! Placing large leafed plants (live or artificial) throughout the tank make great hiding spots and climbing material. If you choose to use live plants, pothos make a great plant that is easy to keep. Tree frogs need a high level of humidity and enjoy soaking, so adding a water feature is a nice touch. Frog moss makes an excellent ground bedding that really makes your terrarium come alive! Pisces recommends: Zoo-Med Frog Moss.

Step 3: Maintaining Proper Humidity/Temperature

As mentioned earlier, frog enclosures should have a screen top for good ventilation. You want your humidity level to stay high (80% is ideal, never below 60%) to aid shedding and prevent any health problems. To keep your humidity at a constant high, Pisces Recommends: MistKing Misting System & ZooMed HygrothermThese will keep your tank at a perfect, uniform humidity and temperature. Use a proper daytime heat bulb to create a heat-gradient in your tank between 78° to 85°F.

Step 4: Maintenance & Cleaning

Water spots are a common occurrence in terrariums. They are harmless but take away from the beauty of the tank by making it hard to see. A 10:1 water to vinegar mixture spray will help dissolve the water spots, scrape off with razor blade. If you have a water feature, make sure to top off when getting low and refill the soaking dish with fresh reverse osmosis water. Frogs are very sensitive to water quality and should always be de-chlorinated. remove dead, uneaten insects and any fecal matter around the tank no less than once a week.