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One of the most heartbreaking times anyone faces is the recognition that your closest friend is not doing well. This of course extends to our pets and, unfortunately, we must be aware of the risk of them developing cancer, especially as they get older. Cancer is by far the most common cause of death in dogs and cats over 10 years old and can involve any organ of the body, so every caring pet owner needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms.

Early diagnosis is critical, which is why it is recommended your pet sees a veterinarian for annual visits, or as frequently as every six months for older pets. In between vet visits is also a crucial period for your pet, as any health issue progresses faster than in humans. If you observe significant changes in your pet’s health or behaviour, the chances of stopping cancer– or other serious illness– are drastically improved. Keep in mind, many of these warning signs could also be symptoms of much less serious and manageable health complications but are still concerns you should discuss with your vet. 

Look for these early pet cancer warning signs

  1. Seizures, a potential sign for brain cancer
  2. Enlarged or changing lumps, especially swollen lymph nodes
  3. Chronic weight loss or weight gain, especially if there has been no change in diet
  4. Appetite change, meaning eating more or less, or interest in foods they previously disliked
  5. Persistent dry cough, which, in older dogs, can be a sign of cancer
  6. Persistent lameness; if they are limping or no longer want to exercise, this could be a sign of bone cancer
  7. Unpleasant odour from mouth, which could be a sign of oral cancer
  8. Difficulty breathing, eating or swallowing; this could be caused by a tumour in the mouth or neck 
  9. Difficulty urinating or defecating, which could be due to a tumour in the urinary tract or anus
  10. Bleeding or discharge from any opening, sores that don’t heal

Cancer Comfort Products for Pets

At Pisces pets, we want your best friend to be as comfortable as possible, even in the most difficult of times. While- just like for humans- there's no cure, there are ways your pet can gain a greater degree of comfort in the event of bad news. We carry a wide range of homeopathic remedy products designed to help your beloved live as normal a life as possible post-diagnosis. Though none of these are a cure of any kind, they can offer pain management, anti-inflammation and comfort.  

  1. Pawtanicle Full Spectrum Oil– Great pain management product that can reduce cancer cells 
  2. North Hound Life Concentrated Turkey Tail Mushroom Medicinal mushrooms that help support the fight against cancer in pets, just like new research is suggesting it does in humans! 
  3. North Hound Life Bovine Colostrum– Interesting research that demonstrates immune regulating, anti-inflammatory and gut healing properties of colostrum, which can help support the fight against cancer.
  4. K&H heating pads & K&H cool bedsProvide an extra level of comfort for your pet while they rest, with hot or cold beds being seasonal additions. 

Our staff will be delighted to help you with your specific circumstances with your pet. We hope this information will help you understand your pet better, so you can take care of him or her with loving care. It is important for animals to have a place to find comfort and healing even when going through something as traumatic as cancer. It is our mission at Pisces Pets to offer these services and products in a caring, hands-on environment that is hard to find elsewhere.

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