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Tropica Specialised Nutrition | Pisces Pets
Contains nitrogen and phosphor for fast-growing and demanding plants Also contains iron, manganese and vital micro nutrients Suitable for aquariums with many and fast-growing plants
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Tropica Premium Nutrition | Pisces Pets
Premium Nutrition without nitrogen and phosphor for aquariums with many fish- 6 mL a week per 50 L water is easily dispensed with the pump and ensures proper plant growth. Contains iron, manganese and vital micro nutrients Does not contain...
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Nutrafin Plant Gro | Pisces Pets
Nutrafin Plant Gro - Aquatic Plant Essential Micro-Nutrient supports strong aquatic plant growth and condition by providing a complete chelated micro-nutrient formula (excluding boron). Enriched with a potent blend of B vitamins and biotin, it ensures efficient plant metabolism and...
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