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Tri-Acta Regular Strength Joint Health & Mobility - 60 g | Pisces Pets
TRI-ACTA is designed to: Promote healthy cartilageMaintain collagen and connective tissueProtect joint tissuesDecrease stiffnessImprove mobilityJoint pain due to an imbalance in normal cartilage production is common and degeneration occurs naturally. TRI-ACTA is an ideal supplement which can be used daily...
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Bixbi Skin & Coat Supplement | Pisces Pets Sold out
Description Some of the most common skin and coat issues among pets are actually the result of immune system imbalances. Which is why BIXBI Skin & Coat is formulated to support both your pet’s immune system and their fur. The...
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Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support | Pisces Pets
Vet’s Best Feline Urinary Tract Support helps to support a normal, healthy tract function in cats Feline Urinary Tract Support uses key natural ingredients (cranberry, parsley, and horsetail) to help maintain healthy acidic and free-flowing level For best results, break...
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Tri-Acta H.A. Maximum Strength Joint Health & Mobility - 60 g | Pisces Pets
TRI-ACTA H.A is designed to Accelerate formation of cartilageEliminate inflammationExpedite the healing processIncrease joint fluid viscosityEnhance protective response of joint tissueImprove mobility and reduce pain Joint pain due to an imbalance in normal cartilage production is common and degeneration on...
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Holistic Blend Vitamins & Minerals - 300 ml | Pisces Pets
Holistic Blend®’s unique formula contains 21 amino acids, 60 trace minerals, 12 vitamins, & antioxidants, ensuring complete & balanced nutrition to help maintain the well-being of your dog or cat. Ingredients:Barley Grass, Dried Seaweed (19 Different Types) Chlorophyll, Citrus Bioflavinoids,...
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Holistic Blend Bee Pollen Pet Supplement | Pisces Pets Sold out
Description The natural energy booster for your pet! Bee Pollen, often referred to as nature's perfect food, has 96 known nutrients and is a rich dietary source of zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. It can energize your pets while giving...
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Pet Naturals L-Lysine | Pisces Pets Sold out
Net Weight 90 g - 60 Chews L-Lysine for Cats is lysine supplement that supports optimal health in cats, all in a delicious chew that cats love. L-lysine is an amino acid that supports antibody, hormone and enzyme production, as...
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Bixbi Joints Supplement | Pisces Pets
Description If your pet seems to be losing some of their playful pounce, it might be time to try BIXBI Joints. It’s the supplement that’s made with organic mushrooms and Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®) to provide your pet with a...
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Bixbi Immunity Supplement | Pisces Pets Sold out
Description Don’t wait until your pet gets sick to start thinking about their health, give their immune system the upper hand with BIXBI Immunity. It’s made with a powerful blend of mushrooms that supplies your pet with a large range...
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NaturVet Outta My Box | Pisces Pets
Have a dog that invades the litter box to snack on cat stools? Stop the worry and hassle of monitoring your dog and guarding your cat’s litter box. Simply give our tasty Outta My Box™ Soft Chews to both the...
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