Pisces Pet Emporium offers tours to schoolchildren and children’s clubs and organizations such as Brownies and Cubs. Tours of the store allow children to learn about exotic pets and emphasize the responsibility-and fun-that come with caring any pet. As a family-owned business, Pisces Pet Emporium takes an interest in educating the youth of our community about animals and animal care. We believe that seeing exotic animals enhances children’s appreciation for the variety of life on our planet, and that a hands-on experience engages them with the natural world. Encouraging curiosity about the animals is seen by teachers and parents as a valuable learning experience for the children. 

Interacting with the animals also helps children learn to be calm and quiet so as not to frighten them. This can be a great help for children with behavioural issues. They are also engaged by the zoo-like displays of the marmoset family, aviary, and waterfall koi pond. Children also particularly enjoy our tanks of colourful fish.
Being able to touch a variety of lizards and cuddly mammals provides children with an opportunity they might not otherwise have. Our knowledgeable staff members are able to offer fun facts about the animals and answer impromptu questions posed by the children. Our parrot, tortoise, and marmoset mascots emphasize the importance of long-term relationships with animals, and the dedication of our staff demonstrates a love of animals and commitment to their care.

All tours include the following:  

  • A walk through the store.
  • Handling of animals one or two per section.
  • A positive and fun learning experience.
  • A free goodie bag at the end off the tour.
To book a tour for your class or group of 6 or more, please call 403-274-3314.