V.I.Pisces Membership

1. Any customer of Pisces Pet Emporium, who is 18 years or older, may apply to become a member of the V.I.Pisces Customer Program by signing up with a cashier or online here. Pisces Pet Emporium will then assign a V.I.Pisces Customer Number to the applicant applying for membership in the Program.

2. In order for more than one customer to become an account holder, both customers must live at the same address. Customers who do not reside together will be asked to fill out their own application forms.

3. Members must keep their personal information file up to date by filling out a Change of Information form. This form can be filled out by the account holder or holders and given to a cashier. Forms are  available in-store.

Collecting Points

1. Members of the V.I.Pisces Customer Program will be awarded one point for each dollar spent on the purchase of regularly priced merchandise. The customer must provide the V.I.Pisces Customer account number at the time of purchase (alternately, members may use their 10 digit phone number).

2. Double points will be offered every Wednesday on all regularly priced merchandise.

3. No points will be awarded for the purchase of permanently reduced merchandise unless pursuant to a specific promotion.

4. No points will be awarded for the purchase of Gift Certificates.

5. No points will be awarded for any item that is part of the Frequent Buyer program.

6. No points will be awarded to customers who are making purchases under a business or club discount.

7. Points will be calculated on the price of items excluding payment of any taxes and rounded to the nearest dollar.

8. In the event of disputed credit card charges, any points awarded for the original transaction will be deducted.

9. A valid Pisces Pet Emporium receipt must accompany all returns/exchanges.  For returns/exchanges, points will be deducted from the account number that was used for the original purchase. The V.I.Pisces Customer will be reimbursed for the purchase price shown on the receipt.

10. V.I.Pisces Customer points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. V.I.Pisces Customer points are void when redeemed.

11. To use your points online, click here and let us know how many points you would like to redeem. You will then receive a code which you can use against your online purchase/s. Please note if points are redeemed online they can only be used online and if redeemed in-store they can only be used in-store at this time.

12. Purchases made prior to membership in the V.I.Pisces Customer Program cannot be credited to a member’s account.

Redeeming points

1. In-store merchandise will be awarded on the following points accumulations:
o    1,000 points can be redeemed for $35 in-store merchandise.
o    2,000 points can be redeemed for $75 in-store merchandise.
o    3,000 points can be redeemed for $125 in-store merchandise.
o    5,000 points can be redeemed for $250 in-store merchandise.

2.  V.I.Pisces Customer Accounts will be reduced by the amount of points redeemed on in-store and online merchandise. Remaining points will still be valid.

3. Only the account holder(s) may redeem points or make changes to the account. Customers who are redeeming points must present picture ID (this is only to verify that points are being deducted from the correct account).

Your account number is on your application form. Please inform the cashier of your account number every time you shop at Pisces Pet Emporium to collect points. Pisces Pet Emporium does not issue membership cards, so for your convenience, you may also use your 10-digit phone number (area code + phone number).
When customers join as a couple (more than one name on the same account), both are eligible for points collection and either may redeem points on that account.

 Terms and Conditions 

  1. Applicants for the V.I.Pisces program must be at least 18 years of age. Only the account holder(s) may redeem points or make changes to the account, and must produce a government issued photo ID to do so.
  2. Pisces Pet Emporium reserves the right to cancel, modify or restrict the V.I.Pisces Customer Program or any aspects of the Program at any time with or without notice.
  3. Pisces Pet Emporium may revoke membership in the V.I.Pisces Customer Program at any time; failure to follow any terms of the Program or any misrepresentation by the customer may be subject to membership revocation and will affect eligibility for further participation in the Program.
  4. If a V.I.Pisces member does not acquire points for 12 consecutive calendar months, their membership will be deemed to be inactive and all points will be forfeited. At that time their V.I.Pisces points balance may be reduced to zero at Pisces Pet Emporium’s sole discretion.
  5. Pisces Pet Emporium’s V.I.Pisces Customer account number is not transferable.
  6. Pisces Pet Emporium will treat all account information as confidential.
  7. Any change in information must be completed using an Account Update form (available in-store).  Any changes must be made by an account holder or, in the case of two or more people on the account, the account holders must be present to sign.
  8. V.I.Pisces Customer Program points for a member as reflected in Pisces Pet Emporium’s in-store records shall be deemed correct.
  9. Pisces employees are not eligible for membership in the V.I.Pisces program.