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ATC Portable Refractometer


Refracomteres are an essential tool for any marine hobbyist who wishes to check their salinity accurately and easily. This tool will outlast a hydrometer and will help you ensure that your marine critters are happy and healthy!


Portable Refractometer (with automatic temperature compensation)

Screwdriver for calibrating


Carrying Case



1.000 - 1.070

Ensure refractometer is properly calibrated

Open cover plate and place 2-3 drops of saltwater on prism.

Close viewing pane and hold it up to a light source

Take reading where blue and white fields converge

Clean off prism with soft cloth and store in dry environement


Pisces recommends Two Little Fishies AccuraSea in order to calibrate your refractometer. Calibration with RO water will not be as accurate

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