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-Welly Tails Cartilage, Hip and Joint

Jordan has been a part of the Pisces family for 2 years, and in that time she has taken the reigns to do a little bit of it all! You can find her working the tills, handling the frozen dog food orders and subscriptions, helping out our guests in the aisles, and lending a hand in processing and packing orders in ecommerce when needed!
Jordan picked Welly Tails as her featured product because it's product she truly believes in, and has seen first hand results from. She has a senior dog at home who unfortunately in the past was involved in an accident with a car; being a senior dog who has also had joint trauma she started supplementing their diet with the Welly Tails Cartilage, Hip and Joint formula. Now her dog is running around like a puppy again!
Welly Tails Cartilage, Hip and Joint is an all natural, savoury gravy supplement mix. It can either be mixed with water into a gravy like consistency for your dog to enjoy, or sprinkled onto their food as a dry powder. The formula contains no artificial colours. flavours, or preservatives. As well it contains a great balance of Omega 3's, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and other superfoods and supplements to help support healthy joints and aid in keeping those joints mobile and spry in aging dogs! 
You can find this formula and others from Welly Tails in store or online!
If you have any questions, feel free to come in and visit or give us a call or reach out on social media!