Kyle's Pick- Zoomed Repti Cooler - Pisces Pet Emporium

.ZooMed Repti Cooler

This weeks staff pick comes from our Reptile Manager Kyle. Kyle is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to reptiles, he's had so much first hand experience working with or breeding different species its hard to give him a question he doesn't have an answer for!

Kyle chose to feature the ZooMed Repti Cooler. During all the heatwaves we've had this summer, this is one of the best things you could pick up to help keep your scaley friends happy and stress free. If you don't have the luxury of AC or a climate controlled room for your reptiles this could quite literally be a life saver for many easily stressed species when it comes to heat, such as crested geckos, the majority of frog species (both ground and tree dwelling), and others.

The ZooMed Repti Cooler works to lower ambient temperatures through evaporative cooling by up to 10°F (roughly 12°C). Just fill the reservoir and choose a speed on the quiet 3-speed fans. It also has a directional air vent so you're not blowing the cool air directly onto your reptile or amphibian! The Repti Cooler is best used with a thermostat control unit that utilizes both heating and cooling options. Alternatively it can be used on a timer or with a humidistat to control its operation. Another great feature with this unit is using it to create the natural cycles of heating and cooling needed to trigger reproductive responses!

All in all this a great tool to have on hand, whether it be for emergencies, helping keep a stable climate for sensitive herps, or to help trigger a breeding response. Give yourself some extra piece of mind, and give your reptiles they respite they may need from these heatwaves!