Rachelle's Pick - Puur Bird Food - Pisces Pet Emporium

.Puur Bird Food

This week's staff pick comes from Rachelle. Rachelle has been a part of the Pisces family for the past 2.5 years, in that time she's helped throughout the store. You may have seen her working cash, or helping guests with their pets; from dogs to birds, and everything in between. She is now keeping busy as the lead our eCommerce department!

Rachelle chose the Puur bird food, specifically the Cockatiel and Cockatoo formula, as she supplementally feeds it as a treat to her 2 cockatiels, Eggy and Chick! She enjoys the variety it offers for seeds, dried fruits, egg pellets and other beneficial fortifications. It's also a good choice for picky birds offering the amount of variety it does!

All Puur bird food formulas offer a protein-rich composition and linseed which contributes to shiny feathers and an easier time moulting. They also contain added prebiotics as well as crushed oyster shell to aid in healthy digestion, the oyster shell also provides and excellent source of calcium. Puur also contains a balanced composition of added vitamins and trace elements to assist in increasing your bird's overall health. It also contains no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours. What's not to love about the well rounded seed mix!  


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