Redbarn Naturals Porky Slices - 680g | Pisces Pets
Description Pig Ears--a doggie favorite. We slow roast them in their natural juices to bring out the natural flavors dogs love most. Ears are made up of cartilage which is a natural source of chondroitin which may help to support...
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Redbarn Naturals Piggy Puffs - 453g | Pisces Pets
Description Redbarn Porky Puffs are pork skin that is puffed up to a light and crunchy texture and then slow roasted in natural juices to bring out the natural flavor that dogs love. Ingredients Pork Cheek and Pork Chin Guaranteed...
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Redbarn Naturals Bully Slices Vanilla Flavour - 255.15g | Pisces Pets
Description Redbarn Vanilla Coated Rawhide combines the durability of traditional dog chews with the unbeatable taste of bully sticks! All-Natural cowhide is coated with our secret bully gravy, and slow-roasted to deliver optimal flavor. Our tasty bully coating helps to...
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